Ongoing projects we support

If you're looking to join a project related to the media industry, we can help you get up to speed with these:


Commentative came out of a discussion about how people  interact when they want to share content, and share their thoughts about that content.                         ‌‌Commentative aims to help those interactions by doing three things differently:

  • Frictionless: We're trying to help people have a conversation. Logging in, installing plugins, dismissing pop-ups don't.
  • Open: People don't limit their conversations about content to specific websites or content types.
  • Friendly: A URL is shared between people who already know each other. So no infectious toxicity.

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Who owns the news? That's not an easy question. This is a data-journalism project which needs a beautiful interface that walks users through the nuances and data of the answer.

Some data is already available ( it's probably worth starting there.

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Legit? is a media-literacy tool based on Glitched.News that educates users on simple checks to know if an article is legit.

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How do the media influence parliament?

A good relationship between media and parliament is critical for healthy democracy. The influence and scrutiny media can hold over parliament can have many benefits such as enabling greater public participation. However, this power can be abused by individuals such as private owners of media. We plan to use a data-driven approach to better understand the role of the media in shaping parliamentary debate. We will access data from mainstream and social media to look at how different topics are discussed over time. Statistical models will then be applied to these data to look for evidence of how different media influence parliament. Using quantitative methods to understand how media influence parliament will enable us to develop policy for improving the relationship between these two institutions.

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Projects we'd like to see built

We know from our research that these tools will have strong positive impacts on the news industry and wider society.‌‌If you're looking to start a new project related to the media industry, we'd recommend you start with one of these.

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Impact Tracker

Sometimes it's not obvious what positive impact investigative journalism can have on society. The things investigations uncover can cause boycotts, protests, movements and more. We'd like to see news organisations getting rewarded and encouraged for doing the expensive and hard work of seeking out bad behaviour.

One way to achieve this is to build crowd-sourced timelines of events, e.g.:‌‌IJ Piece Published -> Boycott -> Company Apologises -> CEO Steps Down

We believe this would help people know what impact they can have on keeping Governments & Companies in check.

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Tool for building groups of paying members

Crowdfunding is a great way of raising money for projects - the Kickstarter model of a specific target amount plus a deadline turns out  to be a very effective way of getting people to pledge.‌‌It  would be good if there was a tool that produced subscription pledges in  the same way, e.g. "We need 200 people to pledge £10/m by a deadline so  that we can launch an indie newspaper." ‌‌Regular  payments (instead of a single lump sum) allow new institutions off the ground in a sustainable way. Using Stripe Subscriptions API, this should  be quite a straightforward project to get started.

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Getting Support for Your Project

If you have a project or idea and would like help getting it off the ground/developing it further, send an email to [email protected]