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News is broken.

The current system of  monetisation  (advertising) dis-incentivises good quality journalism in favour of  clickbait and sensationalism.

News organisations have historically  existed to solve distribution (printing  presses) and  monetisation/marketing (town criers) problems, these are  problems the  internet has solved in a much more scalable way.

It’s time  Journalism, and by extension society, got a new model - one that uses  technology to make high quality journalism sustainable again.

The first HackThePress Hackathon in September 2019 was a huge success, you can read more about it here:

For the second HTP Hackathon we’ll be back at Newspeak House on Jan 18-19th.
The core themes we’ll be exploring are:
- Monetisation - How can news organisations monetise differently?
- Public Advice - How can news orgs help people make better decisions?
- Follow-through - How can news pieces inspire real change?

We  will have a judging panel of 4 people from the tech and news industry  who will select a winner in each of the three themes above.

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What is a "Hackathon"?

If you're new to Hackathons, take a look at this:

Who can come?

Everyone is welcome, as long as they follow our code-of-conduct and have signed up on Eventbrite.
Beginners are welcome! Attendees have a huge range of skill-sets, so you'll have no problem finding someone to learn from.


We have experts from three different fields (developers, journalists, researchers) to help you improve and build your ideas.

Location & Agenda

We will be hosted by the amazing Newspeak House in London from 18-19th January 2020

Code of Conduct

For the detailed code of conduct:
TL;DR: Be nice


Get in touch with [email protected]