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2020 Hackathon - 18/19th Jan

News is broken.The current system of  monetisation  (advertising) dis-incentivises good quality journalism in favour of  clickbait and sensationalism.News organisations have historically  existed to solve distribution (printing  presses) and  monetisation/marketing (town criers) problems, these are  problems the  internet has solved in a much more scalable way.It’s

HackThePress Co-Working #1 & #2 - October 2019

Join your fellow HackThePress members at Newspeak House to hang out and continue hacking on news-tech 👩‍💻.We'll provide power, WiFi, and somewhere warm, you bring the code! (and beer)There are a few projects for you to join, or you can come with your own idea to work on. #meetup_

Write-up - HackThePress Hackathon 2019

On the 14th & 15th of September, I had the honor of hosting over 45 hackers and journalists who all had one goal - fix the news.The event was a great success, and I have already scheduled some more time for the community to get together:Social on 24th

Social #1 - 24th September

Join us at our first ever HackThePress social!We'll spend some  time talking about what we all want to get out of the group - learning,  networking, or something else entirely. Then there will be plenty of  time to get to know your fellow tech and news nerds over booze

What is Hack The Press?

Hack The Press is an organisation dedicated to enabling, encouraging, and distributing new news-tech. We see a huge potential for technology to improve the news industry, and want to make the great things happen sooner.Things we do:- Organise Events and Hackathons- Curate and Distribute Information about current news-tech-

2019 Hackathon - 14/15th Sept

This event has now happened, for a write-up see: News is broken. The current system of  monetisation (advertising) dis-incentivises good quality journalism in favour of clickbait and sensationalism. News organisations have historically existed to solve distribution (printing  presses) and monetisation/marketing (town criers) problems, these are