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Write Up - 2022 Hackathon - 12/13th Feb

On February 12th & 13th 2022 40 programmers, designers, and news veterans gathered for the third HackThePress hackathon.HackThePress’ local news partners - ClearSky and Social Spider - issued three problem statements to the attendees:How can we build connections between members of a local community?How can we amplify

2022 Hackathon - 12/13th Feb

Local News is broken.We’ve partnered with two Local News organisations to help find ways technology can enhance a local community:Social Spider - Runs 5 Local Newspapers in LondonClear Sky - A startup Local News company looking to deliver news differentlyThe last two HackThePress Hackathons (2019 and 2020)

Write-up - HackThePress Hackathon Jan 2020

On the 18th and 19th of January, Hack The Press held its second ever hackathon. 8 of the 11 teams presented their projects (read about them all below).There is an event photo album here: add your own photos!ProjectsCrossing (First Place)Tinder for

2020 Hackathon - 18/19th Jan

This event has now happened, for a write-up see: News is broken.The current system of  monetisation  (advertising) dis-incentivises good quality journalism in favour of  clickbait and sensationalism.News organisations have historically  existed to solve distribution (printing  presses) and  monetisation/marketing (town criers) problems, these are

HackThePress Co-Working #1 & #2 - October 2019

Join your fellow HackThePress members at Newspeak House to hang out and continue hacking on news-tech 👩‍💻.We'll provide power, WiFi, and somewhere warm, you bring the code! (and beer)There are a few projects for you to join, or you can come with your own idea to work on. #meetup_

Write-up - HackThePress Hackathon 2019

On the 14th & 15th of September, I had the honor of hosting over 45 hackers and journalists who all had one goal - fix the news.The event was a great success, and I have already scheduled some more time for the community to get together:Social on 24th

Social #1 - 24th September

Join us at our first ever HackThePress social!We'll spend some  time talking about what we all want to get out of the group - learning,  networking, or something else entirely. Then there will be plenty of  time to get to know your fellow tech and news nerds over booze