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UK local media needs a sustainable business model

Author: Maurice Banerjee PalmerSummary Traditional outlets are dying. Loss of print advertising revenue has contributed to poor quality content. Other models are trying to fill the gap. They cobble together distribution and monetisation solutions but scale is limited. Distribution, monetisation, cost reduction and content production are the four key opportunities

Risks and benefits associated with merchandise as a revenue-generating strategy

Authors: David Floyd, Kera Sultan, Kristina StipeticProblem: It’s difficult for News Media Outlets to be profitableBackgroundPrint advertising has collapsed as a revenue stream for News Media Outlets (NMOs), and although online advertising has grown, it doesn’t generate the same level of income.We ask how NMOs can generate

Misinformation on TikTok

Authors: MahamProblemMisinformation is harder to spot on TikTok because of the speed at which it goes viral.Example: Trial of Johnny Depp and Amber HeardMass of anti-Amber Heard content led to the hounding of a real person, and likely influenced the decision of a jury.Jury members admitted to watching

Building credibility mechanisms

Authors: Ted, Laura, JessSummaryPeople need credible information to make decisions that rely on information from their environment.But it’s getting harder to know which information to trust.We use mechanisms like consensus, raw evidence and professionals. Sometimes this fails – we get conned and overwhelmed.We should explore how people

User needs in Media

Authors: Paul Rissen, Lewis WestburyTiny problem statementSome news sources are perceived to be more harmful than others. How do we know whether the content that is created does more good than harm? One way to measure this might be to look at the user needs that articles address.This is

AI can reduce the marginal cost per article

Author: Tom LynchProblem spacePeople want to know about:Local crimeRestaurantsWeatherTrafficLocal eventsPlanning and housingLocal services (council, schools, handymen)Local interestThe most expensive to produce are:Investigations: These are expensive because of the higher time investment required and often higher count of staff involved due to breadth of skills requiredJournalists need to:

Lack of provenance in user-generated journalism

Author: Stephanie KoaySummaryHome-made news - abuse of the forwarding function on WhatsApp / home-made news content generation on social media causes loss of trust in platforms and newsLoss of trust by users - who hope to be informed of local / global events in an impartial way.Hurts platforms - trust is